Budget Time Attack Evo at Driven Show in Calgary AB

The Budget Time Attack Evo 6 at Driven Show in Calgary AB, 2019

Budget Time Attack Evo Transformation:

The Evolution of a 1999 Mitsubishi Evo 6 GSR into a Track Monster

Our Budget Time Attack Evo project is a thrilling endeavor to turn a 1999 Mitsubishi Evo 6 GSR into a fierce competitor on the track. Initially planned as a rally car, we shifted gears towards time attack racing, continuing the Mitsubishi Evo's rich history of motorsport success.

The Mitsubishi Evo 6, part of the legendary Lancer Evolution series, was initially designed for rally racing, boasting an exceptional all-wheel-drive system and a powerful 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. With its stock potential and solid foundation, we embarked on an ambitious transformation, breathing new life into this Mitsubishi Evo classic.

This project has seen the Evo 6 undergo a full teardown, underside restoration, and a complete repaint of the engine bay and underside. We removed every wire from the car and built a new wiring harness for the remaining features. This custom wiring harness allows us to get the most out of our Link G4 ECU and opens up possibilities for system customization.

As we completely rewired the car, several features were added or modified to better suit its future on the track. We installed a steering wheel with eight buttons, allowing the driver to control essential functions without taking their hands off the wheel. A shift light built into the gauge cluster helps improve shift timing, and the relocated intercooler spray optimizes cooling efficiency. We also revamped the anti-lag system for driver control, ensuring maximum turbo response. Custom-mounted gauges in the center console enable the driver to easily monitor the car's performance.

Here's a glimpse into the extensive work going into this Budget Time Attack Evo build:

• We opted for an electric power steering pump to pressurize the steering rack, requiring custom hydraulic line routing. This setup reduces parasitic losses on the engine and increases overall efficiency. Not only that, but we were able to relocate it to the trunk for improved weight distribution, and to clean up the engine bay.

• A fuel cell has been mounted in the trunk after removing the spare wheel well and installing a flat trunk floor. We also added a firewall behind the rear seat to meet safety regulations and protect the driver from potential fire hazards.

Trunk mounted / relocated electric power steering pump - Time Attack Mitsubishi Evo 6

The electric power steering pump relocated to the trunk of the Budget Time Attack Evo 6

• The brake system has been overhauled: the brake booster and ABS system were removed to save weight and simplify the system. The master cylinder was replaced with a smaller bore for manual brakes, giving the driver better pedal feel. A set of proportioning valves from an Evo 6 RS was used to help maintain a healthy braking balance from front to rear.

• A custom 4-point roll bar is being installed for driver protection and mounting points for the Corbeau 5-point harness, complementing our Corbeau Forza racing seat, which provides maximum support and comfort during high-speed cornering.

• The Link ECU enabled us to install a coil-on-plug system with sequential ignition, saying goodbye to wasted spark. This upgrade results in a more efficient and powerful ignition system, improving throttle response and overall engine performance.

• We’ve fabricated new intercooler pipes and an intake system with a short route, AN fittings, and bungs for the IAT sensor and HKS BOV. This optimized design helps improve airflow and turbo spool, enhancing the Evo's power delivery.

• The Time Attack Evo features a custom 3-inch exhaust from the turbo to the back for optimal flow and minimal backpressure, ensuring maximum performance. It is currently running an Evo 9 turbo, a popular upgrade for its larger compressor, which improves power and response.

1999 Evo 6 custom 3 inch exhaust system

Custom 3” exhaust system, from the turbo back.

• A Mishimoto radiator has been installed with custom high-flow cooling fans to keep engine temperatures in check during intense track sessions.

There are many more modifications, but this overview highlights some of the major ones. Keep checking back here to follow the progress on this exciting build!

A Platform to Build On

The Mitsubishi Evo 6, as part of the iconic Lancer Evolution series, has a strong heritage in motorsports. Its rally-bred capabilities make it an excellent platform for time attack racing. With its potent turbocharged engine, advanced all-wheel-drive system, and impressive handling characteristics, the Evo 6 offers a solid foundation for our Time Attack build.

Throughout the years, the Mitsubishi Evo has proven itself time and time again in various racing disciplines. From its World Rally Championship successes to countless victories in time attack events worldwide, the Evo has made a name for itself as a versatile and potent performance machine.

By transforming our 1999 Mitsubishi Evo 6 GSR into a dedicated time attack car, we are not only paying homage to the model's rich motorsports history but also pushing the limits of what this platform can achieve. Our build showcases the endless potential of the Evo 6, making it a true track monster that's ready to take on the competition.

Stay tuned for more updates on our Budget Time Attack Evo project, as we continue to enhance and modify this legendary Mitsubishi Evo to reach new heights in performance and handling. And remember, whether it's a rally or a time attack race, the Mitsubishi Evo 6 is a formidable competitor, ready to tackle any challenge thrown its way.

Check out the posts below to see detailed progress, builds, and modifications as they happen. Keep following the journey of our Budget Time Attack Evo 6 as we bring this Mitsubishi icon to life on the track.