The Start of a Movement

Brain Power Motorsports is a movement – creating a dedicated and knowledgable community is our goal. We want all car guys and gals to know that no matter your level of experience, budget, or skill, it is possible to learn how to modify your car properly. We hope to inspire and motivate any car enthusiast to grow their knowledge, learn something new, and put in the wrench time.

There really is nothing more rewarding than the feeling of building it yourself. We want to provide you with the best content we can, so our projects are the result of hard work and proper research. We hope they will provide you with valuable information that helps you to modify your own car.

We will showcase unique solutions

Bolt on modifications are an important part of the car community. They are a great starting point for any car enthusiast looking to add a bit more power or style to their vehicle. But what happens when you start to look for more custom solutions? In many cases the forums yield fewer results, and often times we end up feeling discouraged. We don’t want anyone to be afraid to think outside the box. Just because it hasn’t been done, doesn’t mean it has to be expensive or super complicated.